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Sexual Assault: FAQs

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is a violation; it is any non-consensual sexual experience involving force, coercion, and/or fear. Sexual assault includes, but is not limited to: forced vaginal, anal, digital, and/or oral sex, fondling, sexual harassment, rape, childhood sexual abuse and molestation, and forced touching. It can be perpetrated by men or women. Sexual assault is non-discriminatory; perpetrators or victims may be from any class, race, or sexual orientation.



What is Sexual Abuse?


Like sexual assault, sexual abuse is any sexual behavior that is forced, coerced or manipulated. It also includes sexual harassment. Sexual Abuse overlaps with the other types of abuse, because it can be physical 
(such as unwanted touching), verbal (such as calling someone sexual names) or emotional (such as using sexual behavior to humiliate someone.)




Are you in a sexually-abusive relationship? Take this quiz to find out.


Does your partner:



  • Threaten to hurt you or someone you care about if you refuse sexual acts?

  • Threaten to break up with you or spread rumors about you if you refuse sexual acts?

  • Lie to manipulate you to get you to agree to sexual acts?

  • Rip or tear your clothes during sexual acts?

  • Grab or touch you rear end, breasts, or genital areas without your consent?

  • Force you to take off your or his/her clothes?

  • Physically force you into any kind of sexual behavior, even when you have agreed to one form of sex but not another?

  • Have sex with you when you are to drunk or high to make a sound decision about sex?

  • Forced you to do sexual acts with a third party?

  • Forced you to watch sex between others?

  • Take pictures or videos of you undressing or involved in sexual behavior without your consent?  

  • Have sex with children?

  • Rape you with an object?

  • Have sex with you that hurts?

  • Withhold sex from you as a way of manipulating you into doing what you want?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in a sexually abusive relationship. My Sister's Place staff offer individual counseling, support group, courtropom, emergency room, and law enforcement advocacy, for victims of Sexual Abuse.

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